Sunday, August 13, 2006

Take a Trip into the Clouds

For anyone ever wanting to seek the high road to adventure, your wish has just been granted. Several months back, China announced the opening of the exclusive Qinghai-Tibet Railway.

This railway is one of a kind, like no other in the world. Besides being an engineering feat, it gives the avid traveler a means to reach Tibet via an eye-catching, high altitude, luxurious transit system.

The railroad is first in a number of classes including the highest altitude railroad. A portion of it began as early as 1984, with the last segment of the railway finished just months ago.
While your zipping along the frozen plateau at estimated speeds in excess of 100 km/hour-faster on solid ground, you can sit back and take in the gorgeous landscape.

The Chinese government has spent over 180 million on conserving the environment along the railway. In fact, it has created 33 special passageways for endangered species. With any luck, you may even get a chance to see the rare Tibetan antelope.

But, it is not only what you'll see while you're moving along the "roof of the world", but it is the way you can do it that is unique. With your choice of a regular hard seat or hard or soft sleepers-one can't help be rested after their journey. The cabins are spacious, comfortable and have porters accessible throughout the train.

The trains also come equipped with state of the art double oxygen systems-one pumping air through the cabins, while each guest has her own at her disposal in case the altitude changes should have an affect. The windows have double glass-which filter out the sun rays should you be near a window.

When it comes to dining, the train also offers tempty feasts. Besides a variety of snacks and beverages, the train service provides delicious delicacies to wet the palate of many a traveler. You can't help but relax, have a good meal, and enjoy the view while traveling to the roof of the world.

Without a doubt, it is currently the best way to get to Tibet from its neighboring regions. It's fast, convenient, and affordable. What better way to travel through the clouds, than to board one of the luxurious new trains bound for the Heavenly Land-Tibet.

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Robert Danko is an avid enthusiast of Asian culture. He has been living in China for several years and operates in his spare time. Copyright 2006-2009 All Rights Reserved


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