Thursday, November 15, 2007

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Vacation Hotspot: The Mexican Riviera

With some of the best-known cities in the world, the Mexican Riviera has long been an attraction for the wealthy and glamorous. It's wide range of activities offer delightful excursions for every age range and interest.

From the world-famous cliff divers of Acapulco to the exceptional snorkeling of Cabo San Lucas, touring the coast of Mexico makes for a vacation you'll always remember. If you choose one of the premium cruise lines, such as Princess Cruises, you'll get more for your money and enjoy exceptional service, too.

Glitz and Glamour of Acapulco
If you want to see and be seen, Acapulco is the place! Jet setters, movie stars, the wealthy and more clamor for all that is Acapulco. Local bistros, mariachi bands and premium shopping are just a few of the delights this cosmopolitan town offers. But, without a doubt, one of the best-loved sights is the cliff divers.

Since 1940, men have trained themselves to plunge, unscathed, from rocky cliffs 136 feet high. As if this wasn't enough, the divers land in just nine feet of water within a narrow channel filled with the churning ocean. One wrong move... one wrong calculation in timing... means certain death. Crowds flock to see this miraculous exhibition from the windows or outside deck of a local restaurant for each of the four daily shows. You won't want to miss it!

Formerly owned by legend John Wayne, the Los Flamingos Hotel is a destination all to itself. With regular celebrity sightings, many people visit the hotel just to people watch. But if you crave something more than eye candy, try a high-speed jaunt up the Papagayo River onboard a jet boat. The setting for the blockbuster movie Rambo, this river boasts untouched wildlife and rich naturescapes.

Even if you partake in world-class golf, exceptional bird watching, cooking lessons from authentic Mexican chefs and intriguing archeological tours, you've only scratched the surface of what Acapulco has to offer!

Puerto Vallarta - From Sleepy To Stunning
Who would have thought the making of a movie could transform a sleepy little fishing village into the vibrant, stunning tourist hotspot? Richard Burton's Night of the Iguana did just that for Puerto Vallarta. Today, the rich and famous flock to this international resort for great values on leather, jewelry and crafts as much as they do the white-sand beaches.

If you were asked to describe the perfect beach, what would you say? White, powdery sand? Palm trees swaying in a gentle breeze? Crystal-blue waters? You've just described Bahia de las Banderas, one of the most famous beaches in Puerto Vallarta. Relax, soak up the sun and the view, as you're pampered beyond your wildest dreams. Princess and other cruise lines make sure your every wish is met!

When you're ready for some excitement, book a dolphin adventure! Bottlenose dolphins greet you, as you get wet and wild with these friendly creatures. A local educational center sponsors these events that allow up close and personal encounters.

Jungle tours, mountain treks and other memorable excursions are available to make your stay in Puerto Vallarta everything you want it to be.

Cabo San Lucas - A Water Wonderland
The Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez merge at Cabo San Lucas. With water all around, you'll have your choice of a long list of quests to choose from. As the ocean pounds the ancient rock formations, you can easily spot sea lions, pelicans and even hear the thunderous sound of whale tails crashing the waves.

Snorkeling, kayaking, fishing and scuba diving are also popular pastimes in this water-encircled Mexican village. If it is related to water, chances are, you can do it in Cabo!

Many top-quality cruise lines, including Princess Cruises, take great strides to provide out-of-the-ordinary experiences for your entire family while onboard or on land. With so much to choose from in the Mexican Riviera, you can opt for practically any length of cruise you wish to as many destinations as you have time for.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Siboney Beach Club In Antigua

Siboney in Antigua first came into my radar when I was researching, privately locally owned hotels in Antigua.

It struck me as possibly one of the more secluded romantic Caribbean resorts, and so having spent my honeymoon in Cocos in what I still think is one of the best Caribbean honeymoons hotels, I was anxious to return and try the Siboney Beach Club.

We stayed on the top, third floor in a one bedroom suite, with a small kitchen. It was very comfortable, well decorated, but we would have liked it air conditioned throughout. Only the bedroom has airconditioning, and not the other rooms, which could be unbearably hot, even with a ceiling fan.

There were also mossies but Deet took care of that problem, and I don't wish to be critical really because the Siboney Beach Club gave us a great vacation, not least because of the input of the owner Tony Johnson who has a handle on everything, and it is so nice to stay in an hotel where the owner and not a faceless manager is so ever present.

Siboney is located at the far end of Dickenson Bay, although it's not as beautiful as we were led to believe, with a Sandals resort to the right of the hotel, the beach there was far too busy, but in fairness go to the left past some crumbling buildings and you come upon a lovely deserted beach, totally peaceful.

There is an excellent restaurant right next to the hotel called the Coconut Grove, literally right on top of the beach, with superb food, at breakfast lunch and dinner, although at a price!
Be careful in Antigua with your money, because everything is in US$, not EC$ as it should be, and it can be difficult to get your hands on cash from an ATM, because they seem to be permanently empty!!

There is a lovely good size pool in the beautifully lush, and well maintained gardens, and you'll often have it to yourself.

The sunsets are another memory of Siboney in Antigua, seen with the inevitable rum punch in hand.

Siboney in Antigua is undoubtedly one of the more secluded romantic Caribbean Resorts, and is exactly the right place to stay for people like us who hate all-inclusive gin palaces.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Europe travel

People have felt the need to travel and explore new places since forever. The world is such an amazing place and it has so much to offer that it would be a shame not to try and see as much of it as possible.

Europe has managed to maintain its charm throughout the years and today it is still considered one of the most attractive holiday destinations.

Traveling through Europe is probably one of the things we all have thought about doing. There are so many things to see, so many memories to gather and so many different cultures that visiting any country in Europe will guarantee you life-lasting recollections.

Europe travels can help you become if not a better person, a more complete one.Deciding to undertake such a journey can make you understand how various civilizations interact, notice the subtleties of wonderful languages and compare constrasting styles of architecture.

It is possible for Europe travels to inspire feelings of peacefullness or on the opposite show you what a tumultuous city is like. You can choose the visit a city that exalts romance and have someone special to share those moments with.

If you are into sports, then there are plenty of places to choose from. Keep in mind that any journey is a true adventure and you can never say that you've seen enough.

Lately, people have started to look for countries that are unparalleled when it comes to amazing sceneries and are not crowded with so many tourists. Some of the most sought-after destinations for Europe travels are Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Montenegro and Slovenia.

Bulgaria is a place that enthralls the visitors with its natural beauties and its marvelous folklore. Croatia is a country that has plenty to offer and no matter what city you decide to visit, you will surely be impressed by the mixture of old and new.

There are many things you can discover about traveling by consulting an online European travel guide. Before you set about in a journey, it is crucial to learn all there is to know about your destination including stunning landscapes, architectural styles and food. Every detail is important when planning the perfect vacation.

Finally, if you wish to travel by bus, i would recommend eurolines as it connects over 500 destinations, covering the whole of the continent and Morocco. Eurolines allows travelling from Sicily to Helsinki and from Casablanca to Moscow.For longer distances, you might want to consider as it brings you to 18 countries in europe.

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Friday, February 09, 2007

Safety Tips for Global Travel Vacations

If you're planning a trip abroad, you're probably concerned about travel safety. Global travel and vacations do pose a risk whether you're traveling alone or with your family.

Here are some simple travel safety tips you can follow without adding a lot of stress during your trip. Resort or Hotel Safety Be sure the area where you plan to stay is not a high-crime area. Check with several hotels in the area and ask what the crime level is in the neighborhood.

When staying at a remote luxury resort, be sure you know how to phone the local medical dispatchers or police in case of an emergency. You might be 20 miles out of town and a desk clerk might not be available to assist you when needed, so prepare in advance just in case.

When exiting your hotel room or the hotel lobby into the parking lot, check your surroundings for suspicious persons. Keep your money, credit cards and traveler checks hidden away in a safe place. Avoid carrying a purse or handbag openly. If the hotel provides a safe in your room, use it for valuables and money as well.

If traveling with children, never leave them alone or allow them to wander around the hotel. Predators look for children who are alone and can easily capture them and drag them into a room without your knowledge. Make Copies It's important to make copies of all important documents before leaving.

In global travel and vacations, there are usually many papers to keep up with such as licenses, passports, birth certificates, and insurance documents. You should even copy your credit cards (front and back). Leave these copies with someone you trust. Health Safety When traveling to Europe, Asia, Africa, India, or any other country, there may be health issues you should know about in advance. Some countries require vaccination shots before crossing the border. Check with your local health department as well as the country's regulations to find out what (if any) health risks exist.

It's also a good idea to take out a travel insurance policy in case you need hospital or doctor treatment while away. Understand the Laws When traveling to another country, it's good to understand the local laws before you arrive. Ignorance is no excuse.

If you plan to rent a vehicle while away, learn the road laws and what the signs mean so you'll be prepared to drive. Create an Itinerary Before you leave, create an itinerary of your travel plans and give a copy to a loved one so someone will know your travel schedule in case of emergencies. Avoid Travel Scams If seeking travel information online, beware of scams.

If you're new to travel booking, you can sign on with an experienced travel company that knows the ins and outs of travel. These companies can often get better rates for you on luxury beach resorts, golf resorts and hotels, holiday cruises, and so forth. Whether you're skiing in the Swiss Alps or visiting the sandy beaches of Greece, you'll save time and money. Some companies will even allow you to sell their services and earn an extra income.

If you love global travel and vacations, it can be an exciting "work at home" business! Plan ahead for safety, but don't forget to have fun on your vacation!

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Things To See In London

Serving as the Queen city of England and the United Kingdom, as well as the world's premiere authority on business and finance, there are plenty of exciting things to see in London.

The London Underground stands at the center of getting around to the hot things to see in the massive city. The public transportation system first lit up the rails in 1863. As the world's oldest and largest metropolitan transportation system, the London Underground may reserve it's own place as one of the top things to see in London.

Nestled between Russia's Moscow and Tokyo, Japan as one of the world's most expensive cities, London, England features a highly regarded reputation as one of the most Cosmo cities in the world. With a population topping seven and a half million residents, a melting pot of multi culture speaking more than three hundred various dialects leads the list of things to see in London.

According to the 2001 Census of the United Kingdom, approximately twenty-seven percent of London's population were not born in the U.K. Some of the leading nations with natural-born citizen currently living in London include India, America, Jamaica, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Ghana, Germany, and Italy. Muslim, Jewish, and Sikh religious communities enjoy strong populations in England's capital.

The city's museums serve dual purposes as internationally renowned facilities for research while positioning themselves as total things to see in London. Exhibition Road is a popular intersection in London's South Kensington neighborhood. Three of the London's top cultural tourist attractions serve as the neighborhood's claim to fame.

The Natural History Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Science Museum borders Exhibition Road. The Natural History Museum, which now includes the defunct Geological Museum of London, sports collections on Earth and Life Sciences.

The museum's five collections are Botany, Zoology, Mineralogy, Entomology, and Palaeontology. On the corner of Exhibition and Cromwell Gardens sits the free Victoria and Albert Museum. Featuring galleries on fashion and jewelry, ceramics, metal workings, furniture, and sculpture, the museum is connected by tunnel to the South Kensington London Underground Station.

The Science Museum is the third of the museum things to see in London. The Science Museum, founded in 1857, holds a celebrated overnight scientific excursion for kids ages eight to eleven dubbed "Science Night." Today it houses roughly three hundred thousand items surrounded by infamy. Some of the museum's most famous finds are early locomotives like the Puffing Billy and Stephenson's Rocket.

When it comes to things to see in London, Hampton Court is arguably one of Europe's leading eye-openers. Hampton Court is an expansive London park accentuated with the presence of gardens, a puzzling maze, and a number of tennis courts. Costumed guided tours around the park getaway create a vamped up appeal. In fact, London is filled with parks in need of exploration. A famed zoological park and many cultivated gardens come together to create an air of majesty at London's Regent's Park. Other city parks include St. James, Green, Holland, and Greenwich.

Theatre is deeply rooted in the London community. Elaborate productions date back centuries in this part of Europe, making a visit to the London theatre community one of the essential things to see in London. Checking out London's productions are low in cost, capping off at third of the price of visit to Broadway in New York City. Operas are also hot commodities in London.

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How to find cheap holidays

You know when you talk to people about how to find cheap holidays, the most common answer from them would more than likely be from other people and their experiences.This type of opinion can always be very different for each individual.

The best way to find cheap holidays is from people who know the inside secrets and tips on how to get those cheap holidays.

When you are talking about cheap holidays it shouldn't be just only about the accomodation to make your holidays cheap.One thing you should do is sit down and plan what sort of holiday you are going to take.Is it going to be a holiday in the car,motor home,by train or by flying, this is were you can start to make for a cheap holiday.

Ok,lets say your choice was a holiday that involves flying, so how can i plan for a cheap holiday!
Here are just 5 things to consider after deciding on a flying holiday/vacation.

1.How can i Rack up tons of free flights with frequent flyer miles.

2.How do i Save hundreds, even thousands on international flights.

3.How can i convert my ordinary monthly expenses into free airfare.

4.I want sweet hotel rooms at 50% or more off the rack rate.

5.I don"t want to be cooking on holidays how can i save 50% or more on restaurants, shopping and more...

For people who have no idea as to how to do these things there is a great guide that not only gives you the answers to those five things,there is also well over 30 more tips and secrets to help. The book is called The Travel Secrets Guide Written by James Steubing.

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You can save hundreds,even thousands with this ebook

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