Saturday, August 12, 2006

Five Reasons To Visit Ireland

Ireland holds many wonders in its relatively small land. To those who visit for the first time, it is awash with new experiences and surprises. To those who are returning, it is welcoming, immediately memorable and long-anticipated. Whether you are a new visitor or an old hand, here are some of the best reasons to visit Ireland.

1. Variety
Ireland has a tremendous variety of just about everything, and all of it is reasonably accessible, although you may have to hike a while to find the remotest of scenery. If you're looking for nightlife, then visit Dublin - now well-established as a cultural and entertainment hotspot, or try other towns such as Cork or Galway, which also know how to entertain visitors. Just a short drive down the coast from Dublin though, and you can be in the middle of a remote and beautiful landscape where the only nightlife is in the wild - and mostly unseen. This variety extends to the food, the activities, the landscape and the coastline, which is why Ireland is best visited several times.

2. Pace
Outside the major economic areas, the pace of life in Ireland slows considerably. There's no reason to rush and normal expectations of opening hours, service and time aren't always mirrored in rural Irish communities. This slowing of the pace of life is one of the most attractive things about visiting Ireland and whilst it might take a couple of days to adjust, you'll be amazed at how much more relaxed you feel on your return home - and how unnecessarily fast the world seems around you!

3. Culture
Ireland has a rich culture, elements of which have been successfully exported around the world with those Irish men and women that have emigrated to other countries. Only in Ireland, however, do you get a true flavour of the musical, literary and spoken culture that still has a dominant place in the country.

4. Welcome
Tourism is a major part of the Irish economy and its people are natural hosts. Whilst you can travel independently, arrange your own accommodation and keep to yourself if you choose, you'll find a warm welcome wherever you go, and children are particularly loved, making Ireland an ideal holiday destination for families.

5. Activities
There's no shortage of things to do (or not to do) in Ireland. From championship golf to deep sea fishing; bird watching to windsurfing; playing on the beach to visiting historical monuments, there's something for all tastes and all ages. Thrill seeker or beach comber, Ireland has what you're looking for.

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