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Things To See In London

Serving as the Queen city of England and the United Kingdom, as well as the world's premiere authority on business and finance, there are plenty of exciting things to see in London.

The London Underground stands at the center of getting around to the hot things to see in the massive city. The public transportation system first lit up the rails in 1863. As the world's oldest and largest metropolitan transportation system, the London Underground may reserve it's own place as one of the top things to see in London.

Nestled between Russia's Moscow and Tokyo, Japan as one of the world's most expensive cities, London, England features a highly regarded reputation as one of the most Cosmo cities in the world. With a population topping seven and a half million residents, a melting pot of multi culture speaking more than three hundred various dialects leads the list of things to see in London.

According to the 2001 Census of the United Kingdom, approximately twenty-seven percent of London's population were not born in the U.K. Some of the leading nations with natural-born citizen currently living in London include India, America, Jamaica, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Ghana, Germany, and Italy. Muslim, Jewish, and Sikh religious communities enjoy strong populations in England's capital.

The city's museums serve dual purposes as internationally renowned facilities for research while positioning themselves as total things to see in London. Exhibition Road is a popular intersection in London's South Kensington neighborhood. Three of the London's top cultural tourist attractions serve as the neighborhood's claim to fame.

The Natural History Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Science Museum borders Exhibition Road. The Natural History Museum, which now includes the defunct Geological Museum of London, sports collections on Earth and Life Sciences.

The museum's five collections are Botany, Zoology, Mineralogy, Entomology, and Palaeontology. On the corner of Exhibition and Cromwell Gardens sits the free Victoria and Albert Museum. Featuring galleries on fashion and jewelry, ceramics, metal workings, furniture, and sculpture, the museum is connected by tunnel to the South Kensington London Underground Station.

The Science Museum is the third of the museum things to see in London. The Science Museum, founded in 1857, holds a celebrated overnight scientific excursion for kids ages eight to eleven dubbed "Science Night." Today it houses roughly three hundred thousand items surrounded by infamy. Some of the museum's most famous finds are early locomotives like the Puffing Billy and Stephenson's Rocket.

When it comes to things to see in London, Hampton Court is arguably one of Europe's leading eye-openers. Hampton Court is an expansive London park accentuated with the presence of gardens, a puzzling maze, and a number of tennis courts. Costumed guided tours around the park getaway create a vamped up appeal. In fact, London is filled with parks in need of exploration. A famed zoological park and many cultivated gardens come together to create an air of majesty at London's Regent's Park. Other city parks include St. James, Green, Holland, and Greenwich.

Theatre is deeply rooted in the London community. Elaborate productions date back centuries in this part of Europe, making a visit to the London theatre community one of the essential things to see in London. Checking out London's productions are low in cost, capping off at third of the price of visit to Broadway in New York City. Operas are also hot commodities in London.

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