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Safe Travel With Your Pet

If you own a pet at some point you might have to travel with that pet. It is very important to take your pets well being and safety into consideration.

I have several great tips to help you get through the challenge of traveling with your pet.
If the pet is to be accompanying you on an airplane, consider calling several airlines and check if you're particular pet would be perhaps allowed to ride in the passengers' compartment, with you. Many airlines are letting certain sized dogs and cats do just that. Small pets are allowed to sit at your feet in their carriers. Other airlines will allow you to purchase a seat for the pet carrier.

One way or the other, you will need a carrier for your pet. When choosing a carrier, there are a few things to consider. For safety it is recommenced to choose a carrier that your dog can just stand up in, and be able to turn around in. This size carrier promotes the dog to lie down and rest and is much safer in case of sudden unpredicted flight shift changes. That could cause the dog to be hurt if tossed into the sides of the carrier with a greater force due to it being to spacious.

If your dog has a hyperactive personality and you are concerned that the pet may be very hyperactive and upset due to travel, speak to your veterinarian in regards to possibly prescribing a mild tranquillizer for the flight.

Never, let me repeat never attempt to medicate your animal without first having talked to its veterinarian. This practice is dangerous.

It is wise to feed your dog about 3-4 hours prior to travel on an airplane. This gives the dog a better chance of not experiencing nausea or vomiting. Make sure to give the dog ampul time to void before heading to the airport, and before putting the pet in the carrier, for the flight. Offer a small mount of water before putting the dog in the carrier.

It is also smart to book your flight in the morning hours. Many airlines have strict rules that pets cannot travel in cargo if the temperature is above 85 degrees. With an early flight as a rule this won't be a problem.

When packing your dogs supplies, pack the food and goodies that they are accustom. If you are traveling to a destination that you might have a fear of the water you will consume? Make sure you consider the water your pet will consume. You won't want your pet to develop digestion problems away from home. Pack one of the pet's toys, and if they have a favorite blanket, I would bring it along too.

When taking your pet outside, make sure they are leashed at all times. Pets (especially dogs) are creatures of habit, and could become lost in a strange environment.

Have a recent picture of your pet; in the case the pet becomes lost. Last but not least. Have a dog tag made before leaving home. The tag should have where you are staying on your trip. Add this tag with his excising tag.

This is beneficial, just in case you have not been able to locate your pet by the time you have to return home .At some point someone may find your beloved pet, and be able to locate you, with the good news.

About the Author
Sharon Stajda is a proud owner of a Westie. For more information, please visit Traveling With Your Dog. To learn more about dogs, visit Kinds Of Dogs.

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